Company Profile

Chalco Qingdao International Trading Co., Ltd.(hereinafter called”Chalco Trading Qingdao”)  is a state-owned foreign trade enterprise with 90.5% shares held by China Aluminum International Trading Group Co., Ltd.(hereinafter called”Chalco Trading Group”) and 9.5% shares held by Shandong Aluminum Co., Ltd. It was registered and founded in Qingdao High-tech Zone in January 2012.

The company has gone through several stages in its development. Shandong Aluminum Corporation Import & Export Division (before Feb 2002); Shandong Branch of China Aluminum International Trading Co.,Ltd. (Feb 2002 - Oct 2005), Chalco (Shandong) International Trading Co., Ltd. (Oct 2005 - Jul 2012) and Chalco Qingdao International Trading Co.,Ltd. (January 2012 - present).

Mainly responsible for chemical alumina international market development and management of Chinalco; overseas bauxite import and sales.

Under Chalco Trading Group’s vision of "building a world-class commodity trading group with global competitiveness", and the strategic guidance of " deepening specialization, strengthen scale growth and well plant internationalization", Chalco Trading Qingdao will continue to push forward management reform and business innovation, and to try to improve the platform service ability, business operation ability and market development ability, further ingrain and strengthen the unified chemical alumina export platform of Chinalco and professional overseas bauxite import and sales platform, continuously grow the influence in international market, strive to be the "pacesetter" of Chalco Trading Group 's internationalization, and create new contributions to the internationalization strategy of Chalco Trading Group.

In January 2016, Chalco Zibo International Trading Co., Ltd, invested by Chalco Trading, was founded, and arranged to share the same management team with Chalco Trading Qingdao .


Corporate Philosophy & Spirit
  • Our Philosophy

    Endeavor for Excellent Performance,Innovation for Strong Competitiveness

  • Core Values

    Responsibility,Integrity Openness,Excellence

  • Operation Principle

    Value Creation,Return Focused

  • Core values

    Outstanding responsibility, honesty and openness

  • Enterprise mission

    Trade through industry to the world

  • Management idea

    Be easy to cooperate and be willing to communicate

  • Enterprise spirit

    Strive for innovation and seek strength

  • NO.1

    World largest Zeolite 4A producer
  • NO.1

    World largest High Whiteness Aluminum Hydroxide for filler producer
  • NO.2

    World second largest Pseudoboehmite producer
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